Water Colours - Colours of Light

There are no other colours that produce so much light and transparency. The pictures – the good ones – seem to be illuminated from behind.

The difficulty: It’s a game of three elements:  Paper – water – colours. You may say: they are the same elements as with acrylics. Yes – but the difference is in the word “game”.

Many beginners are disappointed because the colour does not stay in the shape they want. Due to the amount of water in the paper it spreads in its own way. So it takes some time and a lot of practice to find out which amount of colour and which amount of water leads to the effect you want to see.

Contrary to acrylics or oil colours which  give you all the time in the world to change and correct things, the moves you do with water colours are irreversible. It is not you alone, who paints, but you and the water. – So  it needs a lot of practice! To start with, some drawing exercises will be helpful.

Anyway – if you want to try, I’ll show you how to do it. The bright colours of the flowers in the garden will inspire you!