“The Pregnant Egg”

Hi everybody!

Today I’d like to introduce to you a special way of painting of mine. It is a bit like abstract expressionism, I am sure you remember the “dripping pictures” of Jackson Pollock.  -Yet it is something different and – of course- not to be compared with the high-class Jackson.  It is my personal “fun painting”. Yes, that’s a good name. I was looking for a name and came across “speed painting” which already exists.( I warmly recommend  ” D. Westry, Master of speed painting” on youtube to you. He is fantastic!) I came across “splash” or “splatter” painting, which are very simple but without any genius.

The definition of “action painting” on Wikipedia comes close to what I do “……….that emotion sensation and spontaneity are more important than perfection, reason and reglementation……

So here it is, my “fun painting”. I’ll describe it especially for those who hover over their pictures for ages, trying to make them better and better with every go. So when you have come to the point that you are getting frustrated because you think you cannot improve –

stop painting your beloved picture,take a big brush, take a free canvas and, think of one simple shape you like (with me it’s the egg) and take one color of your picture’s color plate and the brush and work like mad on the canvas in one or two big moves, only having “your” shape at  the back of your head. Then take the second color and do the same, you may want a third color, but don’t think- just move! Free yourself!

Not all of these works will be good to look at, but some are! So keep only those you like. Still, I love the two I show you below, because they are so dynamic, so different from my usual way of painting.

Another interesting style is using these “fun paintings” as a background and do some color drawings on top, which is a nice contrast! No limits!