The “MAAT” in Lisbon

Hi everybody interested in Fine Arts!

Do you know MOMA in New York? – Of course, you do! But do you also know MAAT?

In Lisbon, Portugal, a new spectacular building of the museum MAAT opened its doors. It is a building right near the river Tejo. It is only 12 m high, but designed like a gigantic wave, decorated with thousands of white tiles on the outside, that reflect the light of the season. It was designed by the architect Amanda Levente. This building houses only four rooms inside, dedicated to modern art, especially changing installations.

resized_20161201_140119MAAT = Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology. Especially interesting is the combination of the old electricity station of Lisbon, that has been restored and redecorated and been turned into a museum  for famous designers. It shows  the history of electricity in various “environments” and installations  on the ground floor; it is very impressive like Madame Tussauds.

The combination of the old building and the new, all situated at the riverside, with along stretch of green between them makes it a stunning experience, walking along the riverside from one building to the other.

The entrance to the new hall is free, to visit the old part, you have to pay a small entrance fee.


resized_20161201_143405Only the walk along the river from the old building to the new one, with the sparkling water of the river in the sunshine on the right and the sudden appearance of the “wave”  on the left with the big bridge in the background is worth the trip.

Anyway, I need not say that Lisbon with all its antique houses , their fassades with lots of tiles and its heap of cosy little bars and restaurants is a unique city for anybody who is interested in arts. What about having a glass of wine and some food in one of the many local restaurants?

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