Different techniques

On these pages you’ll find a short descriptions of the different techniques I can offer you. Of course, due to my experiences I have my favourites!

For a long time, I painted with oil colors and I was fond of painting “mini” pictures (5 to 10cm square) with “mini” brushes. The advantage of painting “small” was that it helped me minimize the “space for art” in an average houshold with two kids.  Yet the smell of the turpentine, which you have to use to dilute your colors, always bothered me a lot.

When about ten years ago my children had their own lives and I started to paint more and regularly, I discovered “painting big” for me. At the same time, I realized that acrylic colors had developped in a fantastic way from “wall painting colors” thirty years ago to colors for artists with nearly the same qualities that oil colors had always had. The difference: you dilute and work with water and not with turpentine.

Having more free time to myself I attended different acrylic painting courses for the use of espatulas. I was fascinated by the effects you can do with espatulas without having any knowledge of painting in the classic way. It was no longer important that you could paint a house, a tree or a car in their proper dimensions – no – it was important to bring colors together just by moving your hands without any idea of how to draw.

I am still fascinated by the various simple techniques and for me this is the basic idea of my studio:  Make ANY people paint!!!! Bringing all your emotions of the day, the good ones and the bad ones on to the canvas choosing your colors.

If you have painted before, I am also happy to help you develop your skills and show you different techniques!