There are three basic offers. In addition to those special arrangements are also possible – just contact me. Included in the price is all the material you use. You just have to bring yourself and a smile on your face!


Offer 1

3 hours of painting: “See if you like it”

€ 45 incl. all material (canvas, colors, brushes, tools, drinks)

Offer 2

1 whole day of painting: “Be an artist for a day”

€ 60 incl. all material (canvas, colors, brushes, tools, drinks)

Offer 3

3 days painting/drawing  workshop

€ 175 incl. all  material (canvas, colors, brushes, tools, drinks)

Events for Groups

Of course I can offer doing special events like birthdays or barbecue events together with painting. Just talk to me!

Whether you want to copy one of the many pictures I have in the studio in books and jotters, or whether you just have the idea to ban the holiday atmosphere or express your feelings – I am at your side and show you how to do it.

You can take your time, having a coffee or a drink and chat  or just relax in between.

If you are interested to learn about perspective or proportions, I can teach you if you want.

Basically you don’t need to have any idea how to paint and you need not have painted before. Nevertheless you are going to do a fantastic picture and nobody will believe that you have done it yourself! For a whole day you can even choose a bigger canvas and finish it the same day.

No matter what you decide to do – at the end of the day you will go home with a smile on your face and”your” special picture in your hands.

If you choose Offer 3, within three days everything is possible. You can try different techniques or you focus on a special subject you are interested in and want to learn and paint more of.