Family Day at Malstudio Paloma

What a great idea! …
The parents of a girl aged ten, from Great Britain had booked Offer 1 “See if you like it”. The family of four were on holiday in El Campello and it was their daughter’s birthday. And because the little girl enjoyed drawing and painting at home, they decided give her a day at the Malstudio Paloma as a present. Nobody else in the family was really interested in painting, but they wanted to “sacrifice themselves” for her.

If you look at the pictures, especially those, who had “nothing to do with painting” were fascinated by their own master works. Before her brother had to be persuaded to paint at all.
Finally he chose a sunset among all the different pictures we showed him to see what he would like to paint. If you look at his eyes in the photo below, you see, how proud he was that he had done it.

The little girl had chosen a big flower to paint, and I could show her some special effects that can be done on the colour to make the flower come to life. Finally some drinks and an ice-cream made the afternoon a complete family success! Happy family had spent an amazing day!