Emoticons – Emojis

I love emoticons!
Most of us use them every day on their mobiles. The tiny little buddies make communication so easy and enjoyable!

Because I love them, I started painting my favorites – putting them in abstract, multi- media backgrounds. making them peep out from these backgrounds. To start with, I did three pictures. They hang in our living room and any time I look at them they make me smile!

But – obviously – for most people, “painting” and “emoticons” do not go together!

In my workshops we paint more or less anything, – landscapes, flowers, trees, animals, abstracts or other kinds of objects – and people enjoy doing it.

Then I offered a workshop on “painting emoticons”, but nobody was interested. I tried again – still nobody was interested!

Do you have any idea, why people don´t want to paint emoticons???? I would be happy to know!

By the way, in 2015 there was an “Emoji – Day” and the page “Emojipedia” (like Wikipedia) got 5 million klicks on that day.

But why does not anybody want to paint them ????? Desaster!!!!!