Collages - Pictures with Objects and Textures

It is great fun doing collages and they are very easy to do.

We stick different materials: papers, textiles, souvenirs or srap from the beach on the ground and off we go adding different acrylic colours to it. During this process we can always add mor material to it and then again more colour. If we find it is too much colour in a place we wash it way with water, which leads to new interesting textures. We can scratch or scribble into the colour and…….and…….

Especially beginners or people who think they are not good at drawing (which is never true!) are surprised how perfect their pictures look after a short while. You don’t need to concentrate, just do something and then decide what to do next. This technique is so relaxing and remember – you don’t need any experience!

If at some point you decide you “must” add  a dog, a tree or anything realistic which you are not able to draw, we can always  use a projector to project, for example, your favourite pet or object from your photo onto the canvas, so you can do the outlines in proper proportions.