Exhibition at Belen Gallery

  Thanks to everyone who shared the opening of my exhibition in Belen Gallery at Aigües. We spent a wonderful evening together in the unique ambiente of this small gallery. Aigües itself, a small village in the mountains behind El Campello, is worth a visit. It is so pure and charming.

So as the exhibition  is on for another 4 weeks,  why not come and have a glimpse at my pictures?? There are another 5 fine artists,whose work you can see constantly, two of them doing ceramics. The gallery is open on weekends, from 11 to 2 in the morning and 7 to 11 in the evening, also on friday nights. With all of us having busy lives, I hope you’ll find the time for a relaxed evening in Aigües!! See you soon!

Unfortunately there are no photos to show the scene, because the person I had asked to do so first forgot and then disappeared with a friend. Sorry!