ArtAigües – Vespre

Hi everybody!

Are there any news from the Malstudio Paloma? During the spring time, we had several very successful painting sessions, but that’ not new. I especially enjoyed two families with their two children who had a great time.

But what happened and what I find worth telling you as “new” was my getting to know a small gallery in the nearby village of Aigües, situated in the mountains above El Campello, only about 10 minutes away by car. A bunch of crazy artists of different nationalities meets there every weekend to discuss or show people their paintings or other pieces of arts and crafts. I enjoyed their company very much. They invited me to have an exhibition of my paintings and as I agreed, I’ll have one from the 28 th of August till the 15th of October. Though there is not much space in the small old building that houses the gallery I really look forward to it, because the atmosphere is unique. You can find ArtAigües on facebook: Artaigües.

By the way  a young talented cook and his crew have opened a new restaurant in Bonalba. They are experts on Spanish food and between tapas and paellas(“arroces”) you can now find some of my paintings. One of my last paintings hangs there, the “Big Green One” done with acrylic colours, textures and spatulas in different layers. It is 1,50 m x 1,00m wide.

So don’t hesitate!  Book a flight to Alicante and I will show you everything in that gorgeous place.